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четвъртък, 30 януари 2014 г.

Week 5 - Winter Views IV

Lucky 7's in 2014
Thursday    Family or friends
Знаете моето семейство. А приятели?
You know my family. 
 What about my friends?

В годината на коня сме!
Дий конче, дий!

We are in the year of the horse!
Hup horse, hup, hup!
A friend
My friends - they all are melting ..

/In memory of my first colleague (!) and good friend -Temenujka/ Violet/ - 
5 years after her death. - cancer/

Daily Snappers 2014
Day 30 - Begins with J

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  1. It is so sad when you lose a friend. I'm afraid at my age I have now lost a few for various reasons.
    I love the poor snowmen. The film I went to see on Sunday had a snowman in and he was funny.

  2. It is sad to lose friends. Unfortunately I have lost more than my share. I love the pictures of the snowmen. They do look a little sad though. You always have such interesting slants on things. I love all of your pictures.

  3. This made me laugh until I read your sad words (((Hugs))) Losing my dear friend Sue 2 yrs ago this year is still 'raw' xxxx

  4. sorry to hear about your friend. Lovely pictures and snowman too

  5. sorry to hear about your friend