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четвъртък, 24 март 2016 г.

Quinn Sullivan @ Metropolis, Montreal, QC April 25, 2015 (Getting There ...

March Bingo Challenge

                Прекрасно мече! Специално за него пазех една празна кутия от меденки, за да я използвам като хартия за картички и когато то се появи миналата седмица като Friday Freebie веднага се възползвах от предложението на  Bugaboo.
                 Ето какво сътворих  вчера вечерта:

                Wonderful Bear! For him I have kept an empty box of gingerbread to use it as paper  and when it appeared last week as Friday Freebie immediately I took the proposal from the Bugaboo.
                 That I created yesterday evening:
Size 21sm./15sm./ (  8.3'/5.9 ' )
Great spring mood!

Image: Bugaboo Friday Freebie - BBear Sitting
Sentiment:  Ginger's House  
Catch The Bug - March Bingo Challenge
(My Bingo*2  :-)
Green, Blind + Ribbon
and 3Layers, DieCut + Sentiment )

Crafting By Designs -  3 or More Layers
Inspiration Destination - Always Anything Goes
Wonderful Wednesdays - Always Anything Goes

понеделник, 14 март 2016 г.

Irish to be...

            В неделя успях да направя тези две весели картички. Имах жълти пощенски пликове с размери 15см./19см. и съобразих размерите на картичките с тях. Много ми харесаха картичките на  Nancy и Scrappy   и оцветих картинките като тях.
            On Sunday I was able to do these two cheerful cards. I had yellow envelopes with size  
15 sm./19 sm. and complied size of the cards with them.
            I really liked the cards to Nancy and  Scrappy and over colored the images the same way.
Size 12sm./17sm. ( 4.7"/6.7")
Image: Bugaboo Friday Freebie
Catch The Bug Challenge -  Bright and Cheery
Craft for the Craic -(First Friday of the month) - March - The Luck of the Irish  - my II card here

Size 12sm./17sm. ( 4.7"/6.7")

Glitter n Sparkle - #179 Use Some Green
Brown Sugar – No. 189 - Green and Gold - my II card here

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четвъртък, 10 март 2016 г.

1-10 March - Lucky me

С тези  2 снимки искам да напомня за Гръцката бокада на границата - вижте веригите на вратата и изобилието от стоки, след като блокадата падна!
With these 2 pictures I want to remind the Greek blockade of the border - see chains on the door and the abundance of goods after the blockade fell! Lucky.

5 in 5 - March

1. Choose a location. 
2. Have your camera ready.
3. Set a timer for 5 minutes (I use my mobile phone).
4. Take as many photos you can until the time is up.
5. Choose 5 photos to download and share by using the link tool below.


Направих 5 снимки пред блока на моята сестра, докато я чаках една сутрин да пием кафе заедно.

I made 5 photos in front of my sister apartment block 
until one morning I waited for her to drink coffee together. 
No people and the park was empty.

 Небесна жарава.
Heavenly glow.

 For him
       Тези дни, търсейки стихове за празника на жената,  попаднах на едно чудесно стихотворение от Валентин Йорданов. Нарича се "Изкушения" и бях изкушена да го споделя с вас. Направих картичка за един много специален човек с цели 4 брака зад гърба си! Ето я: 

     These days, looking for a poem for the Feast of the woman I came across a wonderful poem by Valentin Yordanov. It's called "Temptations" and I was tempted to share it with you. I made a card for a very special guy with 4 marriage. Here it is : 
Size 21sm./15sm./ (  8.3'/5.9 ' )
Sentiment / A poem by Valentin Yordanov

Lovely white silence ...
Only the wind whispering:
"Do you love a woman
will also loved you! "

New voice from other worlds
I perceive with my male rumor:
"If you love, then love two women!" -
and distinctly heard it.

And just for my luck,
overhear my second "Me":
"What will be if
they are three?" -
whisper inside that voice.

I paused in a moment to decide,
and the truth suddenly
to me, "Every one woman
longs for love of man! "

/ Peace and Love /

Challenge #77Something For the Males
Snowflake Promise - #18 Spring

15 March 2016