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събота, 28 юни 2014 г.

Week 26 - Selfies - V

Lucky 7's in 2014 
Family Me
Моето семейство  - черно и бяло

My family - black and white*

Чудите се защо " Черно и бяло"?
You wonder why "Black and White".

Нашият племенник става на 18 години.
Ресторантът е " Петлето".

Our nephew became 18 years old. / For Bulgaria - this is an adult age (21)! /

The restaurant is "The Rooster" - specially selected by my sister.

* - 
My family - black and white
Да, ние сме още в траур и носим черно. Моят съпруг е в още по-строг траур - той не трябва да присъства на празнични тържества!
/ You learn one language when you start to think in that language! - Thank you, ladies! / -
Yes, we are still in mourning and wearing black. My husband is even more strict mourning -it musn't is present festive celebrations!
In the train on the subway.
Yes, we can afford these little luxuries because we / our husbands - in fact / work hard!
      Учех за кандидатстудентски изпити, когато тя се обади по телефона -
    - Моят мъж е мъртъв!
    - Ти си луда! Това е невъзможно! - казах аз. - Той е млад! Умират само  дъртаците!!..
     Тя затвори телефона. 
     По  радиото за първи път звучеше песента - "Черно и бяло."
    - Татко, това не е вярно, нали??
    - Боже, нещо е станало с неговия камион!..

The history:
I was studying for university entrance exams when she got a phone call -
- My husband is dead!
- You're a crazy woman! It's impossible! - I said. - He's young! Only old guys die! ..
She hung up the phone.
On the radio for the first time sounded song - "Black and White."
- Dad, this isn't true!
- God, something happened to his truck! ..

''And black and white is my song, 
that the world around me is black and white. 
No joy and sorrow collected 
Did man really lived? ''

четвъртък, 26 юни 2014 г.

Week 26 - Selfies - III

Lucky 7's in 2014 

I don't follow the daily topics - first, because I forget them (!) and secondly - it is difficult for me.
Yesterday I met on the street one interesting person - a young and very talented singer and actress. I stopped and thought that I could do a great Social selfie,
but I had no courage ... She is so lovely.

Some time ago I was able to stop strangers and ask to take a picture, and now?
Maybe I'm getting old ..

  "Crafty Me"
photography and cooking - these days
/ Tonight I cooked grape leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice./

сряда, 25 юни 2014 г.

Week 26 - Selfies - II

Lucky 7's in 2014 
         За работа често използвам стари тениски на мъжа ми. Затова закопчаването е обратно - не, че снимката е обърната. Това са ми очилата за четене.

For work I often use old shirts to my husband. So the buttons are on the other side - not that the picture is reversed. These are my reading glasses.
I took a few photos - I look at them the more idiotic!

I want to make a very beautiful artistic selfie.

Week 26 - Selfies - I

Lucky 7's in 2014 

неделя, 22 юни 2014 г.