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неделя, 3 юни 2012 г.

Day 155: Gates / Порти, врати

  Part I - Пътят към Храма
  Църквата Св.Георги - Синеморец
  Road to the Temple
  St. George Church - Sinemorets


Part II - Sofia

The fence of the Defence Academy is a cultural monument.
It is made of barrels of guns "Kranka "and" Berdana " in 1934. With these rifles Bulgarian army has fought in wars. This fence reminds us every day for fighting battles.
And was restored in 2009.
Church / Military

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  1. Beautiful photographs and thank you for all the information about them

  2. They are really impressive gates .. and full of history for you x

  3. Lovely photos of gates with a history. Thank you for telling us about them.

  4. Thank you ladies for your comments.
    Defence Academy is located on the road between our home and our son's school.
    Our favorite place for rest is Sinemorets.

  5. Love your photos. So interesting to hear about the history of another country !

  6. How interesting and how lovely to see your photos Borqna :) xxx Jen

  7. Май започвам да схващам..Снимки по зададени думи?