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вторник, 15 януари 2019 г.

IKEsWORLD Ch #116 - A for ANIMALS / AG

  We started the first of this year's challenge with the letter A.
A for ANIMALS or AG 
SOCKIES Set of 4
Две от тези изображения може да намерите сега безплатно тук и тук!
Two of these images can be found here for free here and here!
Here are my cards:
Sentiment: Ginger's House -December 4, 2009
Lil Patch of Crafty Friends - Always Anything Goes
Use Your Stuff -  #343 - FURRY FRIENDS

Size: 15sm./ 21 sm.
Sentiment:  Ginger's House - July 13,2009
Size: 21 sm./15sm.
Sentiment: Ginger's House - December 13, 2009
Two jokes:                                                  
Two pigs speak.                                                        Две прасета си говорят:
-Why are you sad?                                                    - Защо си тъжен?
-Because my wife is a big pig!                                  -  Защото жена ми е голяма свиня!

/ in Bulgarian is much more funny because we have different words for pig (+) and pig (-)./

Do not rejoice in a little pig and a new boss because you don't know what a bad pig they will become.

 N4, 5, 6 and 7
Size: A6 / Images for every occasion!!!
Happy name day! / also fits for St. Valentine
Happy name day! / also fits for St. Valentine
Sentiment: "You know..." - Robert Paul
Incy Wincy Designs - QUOTES OR SAYINGS
Картичкофурийско предизвикателство 382 "Картичка за всеки повод" 
/ Card for every occasion /
Crafting from the Heart - #234 ANYTHING GOES

Happy Holiday!


Days 14, 15 - 2019

Picking up the Christmas decorations
Municipal Dogs
Green-gray dog, if it was out of paper I would have thought I had colored it ...

събота, 12 януари 2019 г.

Day 12 - 2019

Как се ремонтира Стената-ограда на Военната академия...
How to repair the Wall-fence of the Military Academy ..
In the coldest weather ...

Залудо работи, залудо не стой!, но тук по-вярно е може би това - 
Не е луд който яде зелника, а  който му го дава - т,е, НИЕ!!! 
/ Not a crazy who eat a pie, crazy is the one who gives it to him - that is WE the taxpayers!!!/

Day 11 - 2019

Cabbage rolls with sauerkraut and minced

Iron Horse ...

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