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вторник, 16 юли 2019 г.

IKEsWORLD Ch #122 - G for Gingham/Plaid


The theme is "ANYTHING GOES" again, with optional Twist -

G for Gingham/Plaid

A Freebie image for this challenge is "AKITA"
Here are my cards
(in the order of the coloring of the image):
Size: 21 sm./15sm. (8.3"/5.9")
Size: 21 sm./15sm. (8.3"/5.9")
Size: 21 sm./15sm. (8.3"/5.9")
Size: 21 sm./15sm. (8.3"/5.9")
A Bit More Time to Craft #96 - Anything Goes
Use Your Stuff #367 - MASCULINE

Here's how they look together:

Some history:
Everyday I colored one image.
I made reference ( us. Internet) to American Akita and Japanese Akita.

Inspirations + Text: Jimmy Nail - Fear No Evil
See too: Strange Fruit - Tequila Mockingbird "track 1" - Still Crazy
Love this movie!!!

Free your mind.
See what offers Ike and show us what you think - make cards!

You may use any images you like to play along 

but we would love it if you used an IKEsART image.

Days 191 - 197 - 2019

Pork with cabbage / Свинско със зеле
 За 15-ти юли - денят на Велик княз Владимир и имен ден на Влади 
ние му подарихме фритюрник, за да може по-лесно и бързо сам да си приготвя 
пържени картофи.
July 15 - 2019
 Сандвичи за Ники:

Моят син в ролята на Белволио - 
специален куриер на Ромео за подаръка за рождения ден на Жулиета,
защото сега Ромео е в Англия, а Жулиета става на 18.
Честит Рожден Ден мило момиче!
Подаръкът ти е наистина страхотен! - 
Аз го опаковах :-)
July 16 - 2019

вторник, 9 юли 2019 г.

Day 190 - 2019 - The celebration

Happy Birthday my dear son!
A new card:

#024 Celebrate Everything ($1.00)

#F158 It's Your Day (Freebie)

Crafty Sentiment Designs - "Add a sentiment"
Lil Patch of Crafty Friends - Always Anything Goes
Scribbles Designs Challenge #78: Make it Square 
*create a square project for this challenge*


Day 189 - 2019 - what a great card!

After diner
My son 
Blue flowers
A very special lady
Just say: Thank you
My imagination and mistakes 

 The card:
Front; Size 21sm./15sm. ( 8.3'/ 5.9 ')


 The special lady is his private teacher.
Vlady wrote a poem
specially for her.
It will be put in a secret pocket of the card.
Back - open
Ribbon inside the pocket wasn't stuck and prevented to insert the letter.
I had to make a correction. 
1. The Freebie for July Challenge
Card Challenge

 2. Kindness

3. Bugaboo FF
Freebie Every Friday!Shop the Store!

Beccy's Challenges: July Challenge
A Gem of a Challenge #13 - Anything Goes
Lil Patch of Crafty Friends -  Always Anything Goes

I remind you of the new Ike theme -

G for Gingham/Plaid/AG


неделя, 7 юли 2019 г.

Days 186-188 - 2019

A wonderful surprise!

Thank you very much, dear friends!
Stuffed peppers with minced meat and rice - before baking
 already finished dish




И не правете тази торта!  / Don't do this ( cake?! ) at home!