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събота, 23 юни 2012 г.

Day 175: Nature / Природа, естество - part I

 Благодаря ти, Сузи, за днешната тема - Природа, естество.
 Ето моите снимки от Рила планина - сливането на два потока в един. Три погледа.
 Thank you, Susie, for today's theme - Nature, nature.
 Here are my pictures from Rila mountain - the fusion of two streams into one. Three views.

10 коментара:

  1. That is so beautiful Borqna. It reminds me of the streams in the French Alps mountains.

  2. Beautiful photos Borqna! Are they near where you live?

    1. Sadly not. Tray is in the Rila Mountains.
      There is also the highest peak on the Balkan region - Musala peak / 2925 m/

  3. Such lovely photos, I love how you have smoothed the water a bit. I would enjoy being there. xxx

  4. I think you must have been having rain like we have as the streams are so full. Great shots.

    1. ...flood from the melting snow in the mountain.
      & thank you for your comment!

  5. Dear ladies, I'm very glad and thank you for your comments.
    Anne, you guessed it - Rila Mountains is a mountain of Alpine type with very high and steep peaks.
    I made especially for you photos. You can see them in the second part of this publication -