петък, 22 юни 2012 г.

Day 174: Sunshine / Слънчева светлина


 Приятна изненада днес / A pleasant surprise today

       Куче-касичка! Супер готино! То е подарък от  жените, които снимах преди време. Една от снимките може да видите тук.
       Dog box for money! Super cool! It is a gift from the women I photographed some time ago. One of the pictures you can see here.


       I remembered that Anne liked the picture with white flowers / Trendafil - rose species /, and Jennie Hart said that sunlight was a great / day 170 /. I decided to combine two things again.
       Днешните ми снимки са правени в 14 часа, при температура на въздуха +35 градуса С.
       Today my photos were taken in 2 p.m.,  air temperature +35 degrees /Celsius.

 Този път успях да снимам преминаващия влак!/This time I could to photograph the passing freight train!

Нина казва довиждане! / Nina says good-bye!


5 коментара:

  1. great photos and what a nice day you had 35 degrees, i think we might have got 10 degrees in summer! :)

  2. Gosh Borqna, it looks really hot there! Thanks so much for commenting on me liking your photos, really helps make friends doesn't it :) (((hugs))) Jen xxx

  3. Well done on your photo flowers again and good-bye to Nina, it was nice to have her with us !

  4. Wow hot weather, a proper summer somewhere!! Lucky you xx

  5. Bye to Nina- loveed looking at all the photos today.