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събота, 16 юни 2012 г.

Day 168: same ... but different - day 2 & The Nina's story

       Един човек я вижда и я харесва за снаха. Тогава тя е само на 16. Той има трима сина. Иска я за един от двамата  братя близнаци. Нейните родители са съгласни. Те идват в София. 
       Но синът обича друга. Не иска да се ожени за Нина. Влиза в спор с баща си. Тайно се жени за другата. Бащата е отчаян. Той не може да я върне на родителите й. Решава да я омъжи за другия брат близнак - същият, но различен. Защото е влюбен в нея от първия ден и я обича. Женят се. И са щастливи.
       Ето ги двамата. Нали са много сладки?
      Това е една история, за това, че жената е като върба - привързва се, променя се, оцелява.
     One man saw her and like her for a daughter in law to. At that time she is only 16. The man has three sons. Wants her for one of two twin brothers. Her parents agree. They come in Sofia.
    The Son loves another woman. He doesn't want to marry Nina. He opposed his father. Secretly marries the other. The father is a desperate. He can not Nina back to her parents. Decides to marry her to the other twin - same ... but different. Because the other twin in love with her from day one. He agrees. They get married. And they are happy.
       Here are two. Are they really cute?
      This is a story that a woman is like a willow tree - she attached, changes, survived. 
Желая им дълъг и щастлив съвместен живот. / I wish them long and happy life together.

      Неведоми са пътищата божии. / Unforeseen are the ways of God.

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  1. That is such a beautiful story. Wishing them happiness too !

  2. What a touching tale. I'm glad it worked out and also wish them happiness.

  3. Lovely to hear that she's happy. Lovely photo.

  4. Such a lovely story, so glad they are happy now.

  5. Borqna that is a lovely story and love the photo of you and your husband?

    1. Hi Lynne!
      This is a picture of Nina and Peter.
      Pictures with my husband is here:

  6. Thank you ladies! You are so nice.
    I looked at your blog tonight. I enjoyed it! Your mascots are very interesting and sweet.
    I find a new challenge for Susie great!

  7. What a lovely story Borqna.and beautiful pictures.