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неделя, 10 юни 2012 г.

Day 162: Neglected / Пренебрегнат

   Скъпи дами, благодаря ви за интереса и хубавите неща, които сте ми написали. Моля  ви за извинение - аз отново закъснявам с моите коментари. Както ще разберете от следващата снимка -  компютърът е много зает. 
   Думата днес е пренебрегнат. Аз мислих доста. Много неща пренебрегваме. Спомних за моя първи фотоапарат. Ето го на снимката. Моят свекър ни го купи преди много години (19,5). Тогава това беше най-хубавият и най-скъпият фотоапарат. В магазина имаше само два такива фотоапарати. Те бяха изложени на щанда за скъпи часовници и бижута. Самият той е едно бижу! Колко много снимки сме направили с него! Но днес е пренебрегнат. Навлязоха нови технологии.

   Dear ladies, thank you very much for your interest and good things that you wrote me. I apologize - I'm late again with my comments. As you will see in the image - computer is very busy.
    The word today is neglected. I've been thinking a lot. We neglect many things. I remembered my first camera. Here's the picture. My father in-law bought it for us many years ago (19.5). Then it was the finest and most expensive camera. There were only two such cameras in the store. They were the stand out for expensive watches and jewelry. He himself is a gem! How many pictures we made it! But today is neglected / ignored. Entered new technology.

     Днес сутринта направих няколко нови снимки. Тогава още не знаех думата. Вижте красотата, която забързани в нашето ежедневие - ние не забелязваме, ние пренебрегваме.
      This morning I made some new photos. I did not know the word. See the beauty that we neglect in our busy lives.

Street in the neighborhood
Street in the neighborhood
My street and place front of the house


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  1. Your street is so beautiful with all these trees. You are so right regarding the camera. I had one like this too and now don't know what to do with it as it is so old and so heavy ! xx

  2. Borqna I love your thoughts on neglected, so different from us in UK but you are quite right we do neglect things that are around us!
    Is that your son on the laptop?

  3. you live in a very beautiful area! i love all the green and the flowers.. the camera brought back memories too, i was given one of those when i was little!

  4. Beautiful street, must be lovely to turn outside your door. I love those roses in the street, well done for enjoying them and not neglecting them :)

  5. beautiful photos, love the pink flowers. Hope you get your computer back soon :)