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вторник, 12 юни 2012 г.

Day 164: Antique / Антика

Today's word is
antique/ антика
справка - Старинен ценен или рядък предмет.

"С колко малко, с колко малко вещи 
са живели всичките титани.
Ний, които подир тях живеем,
ний, които цял живот се блазним
от килими, къщи, полилеи,
нещо ще оставиме ли в музея?
Нашите музеи ще са празни."

"Will we let something in a museum? 
Our museums would be empty. "

No antiques in my house!

           Бих могла да снимам нещо, но магазинът за антики е затворен в този час на деня. Ами сега?
       На път за вкъщи минавам покрай едно от малко останалите / може би единствено!/ кино в София. Наистина антично! Сградата е построена и дарена през 1926г. от родолюбивата българка Мария  Влайкова за читалище. Любимо кино от моето детство!
         I could shoot anything but antique shop is closed at this hour of the day. Now what? On the way home  I see one of the few remaining/ only maybe! / cinema in Sofia. Really antique! The building was built and gifted in 1926. by patriotic Bulgarian woman Maria Vlaykova for community center. Favorite cinema from my childhood!

      Замислям се, разбира се, без да ставаме роби на вещите, какво от нещата, които имаме в момента ще стане антика? 
Може би това - един комплимент към футболните запалянковци. Който пие бира - не умира!
Which of the things that we currently have will become an antique?..
Maybe this - a compliment to football fans. Who drinks beer -  never dies!

Аз завършвам това с усмивка! Приятна вечер!
I am finishing it with a smile! Have a nice evening!

8 коментара:

  1. well done on the photos, I struggled with this one.

  2. Who drinks beer never dies. I love that one. Great photos again.

  3. Dear Borqna.
    Great photos!!
    And thanks for your lovely word at my blog!!
    Your comments always makes me happy!!
    I can oly imagne how it felt to read your list when you found it. I hope the same thing will happend to me. I will wright my list on a papper to, and hopefuly I will find it later in life and look back att all the thing I've done. ;)
    Thanks for always beliving in me.
    Hugs, your friend Tess.

  4. Borqna, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. It's true I write a lot. I love writing, you could tell that ah ah ah. But you are more courageous than I am as you write your blog in 2 languages. I should write in French (my mother tongue) and in English, but it would take me too much time. i am so glad you joined us in this photo challenge ! Anne xxx

  5. Dear ladies, thank you again for your nice comments.
    Thanks to Hasel I found this photo challenge.
    Thanks to you I learn a lot and I see great things.
    Dear Anne - please write! I'm just kidding. I like your blog, I really like the way you do. Fantastic.
    / Please forgive me - again. I did not have to write jokes in comments. /