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сряда, 20 юни 2012 г.

Day 172: same ... but different - day 6 & Always wear your smile
Pretty Nina - part VI
Нина на работа./ Nina's work.
There is a joke. 
There, the worker asks - "Every Wednesday I Must have to work?"
And it so happened that our Nina works on Wednesday!

Това е мое късметче от кафе Лаваца. То стои залепено на компютъра ми. Така, винаги когато се ядосам, го прочитам. На него пише: " Шефът винаги има право..."
Това мога да го разбера, но защо завършва с многоточие?

This is the my lucky from Lavazza coffee. It stays glued to my computer. So whenever I get angry, I read this: "The boss is always right ..."

I can understand that, but why end with an ellipsis(
dotted line)?
/... and  I strong clench  teeth, not to kill him with the Sound wave!
  Just kidding./

I remembered today what Jennie wrote me:

Always wear your smile, then you are properly dressed :)
Thank you Anne and Jennie!

Кучета и хора / Dogs and people

 Open Day - The National Defence Academy

Първи Частен тото пункт. Джакпотът е 4 369 000 лева. Тегленето е утре.
First Private totopunkt / lottery/. Jackpot is 4.369 million lev. The drawing is tomorrow.  
And we tried our luck.

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  1. ooooh- good luck with the lottery. Great photos.

  2. good luck with the lottery :) lovely pictures

  3. Lovely photos again Borqna. Good luck with the lottery

  4. Good luck with the Lottery Borqna. I just won £20 at ours tonight. I don't know how many Lev that makes, but certainly not 4.369 millions !
    Nice photos again !!!

  5. Thank you ladies! Have a nice day and inspiration!

    Обменни курсове за 20.06.2012/ Exchange Rates for 6/20/2012

    usd 1 USD = 1.53954 BGN
    gbp 1 GBP = 2.42659 BGN
    chf 1 CHF = 1.62864 BGN

    around 2 054 000 GBP

  6. Love seeing your life, and your country through photos. I too like Jennie's quote :)

  7. Oh thank you for mentioning my phrase Borqna, I am humbled by that. xxxxx What lovely photos.