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петък, 8 юни 2012 г.

Day 159: Vintage / Романтика

       Определено имам проблем с тази дума! Реколта през определена година, гроздобер, романтика, дрехи от миналия век (1920-1960) и какво ли още не!
       Заложих на дрехите. Ето две снимки, които съм правила доста отдавна. Това е сестрата на мъжа ми. Тя ми позира облечена в рокля на тяхната баба.  Роклята е донесена от Америка, около1936-1938година.
      Certainly I have a problem with this word! Harvest in a given year, vintage, romance, clothes from the last century (1920-1960) and what not!       
       I bet the clothes. Here are two pictures that I've done quite a while. This is the sister of my husband. She posed wearing a dress of their grandmother. The dress was brought to America in 1936-1938 years.

        Това е метална кутия от козунак. Тук отново виждаме модата по онова време.
         This is metal box of cake. Here again we see the fashion of the time.

Какво ще кажете за тази снимка - този гроздобер от елитни заглавия на опери?
What about this picture - this vintage of elite titles of operas?

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  1. Your sister in law is very beautiful. I live the box too. fantastic pictures !

  2. beautiful dress, fashion is a great way of showing history, good choice for today

  3. Yes, the dress and the setting, pure vintage, well done.. x

  4. Great choises for vintage. Your Sister in Law looks beautiful.

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my blog recently xx I thought it was time I came to find yours.
    What lovely photos of vintage things you have. I am off now to look at other days I have missed!

  6. oh what a beautiful dress and young lady!!! i love this kind of fashion.. and the armoire in the background is also vintage!

    thank you for sharing those photos with us.

  7. ohh it did not like my comment .. so i will try again :)

    what a beautiful dress and young lady! i love the vintage armoire in the background as well. the fashion of those days was ever so elegant.

  8. Очень красивая фотография! А платье просто заглядение - в таком и сейчас можно выйти в свет!