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четвъртък, 14 юни 2012 г.

Day 166: Face / Лице

Face for sale!

   Моля, поздравете този смел мъж, който се съгласи да позира за днешното предизвикателство.
   Please salute this brave man, who agreed to pose for today's challenge. The inscription on the plate is - For sale. The family of this man means - the son of the wolves!
One man gave notice in the local newspaper - "I want to marry - I seek a wife." After a few days received over 100 letters. In any letter reads - "Please take my!"
But we will never give our brave colleague!

 Ето малко снимки от днес - Това е Музикалната академия / Консерваторията/.
 Here are some photos from today - It's Music Academy / Conservatory/.

      Къща в квартала. Със съпруга ми бяхме влюбени в тази къща. Но това е невъзможно. Бях много изненадана, когато синът ми един ден ме попита:
    - Значи ти харесваш тази къща? И вие сте искали да я купите?
    - Откъде знаеш?
    - Харесваш ли я или не? - беше неговият отговор.
House in the neighborhood. My husband and I were in love with this house. But this is impossible. I was very surprised when my son asked me one day:
- So you like this house? And you wanted to buy it?
- How do you know?
- Do you like her or not? - Was his answer.

 What do you think?

10 коментара:

  1. A very brave man, and brave of you to ask him to pose.

  2. Great house, love it's trees. What a brave man posing and I loved the story of the ad!

  3. A lovely house and liked the story of the man wanting a wife and the reply!!

    Great photos for Antique and earth tones too

    Oh and I am a Briar Yewfly Fairy LOL!!!

  4. Thank you ladies!
    My son wouldn't photograph him! Even last time / 162 / He said I haven't right to photograph him! I should first ask him! My God, what our children learn today in school! When I was a kid I was glad that would shoot me.
    This colleague with joy agreed to be the face. He got gift this picture.

  5. This is too funny that a man would request a wife in this manner. I love the house, I think you and your husband should get it. By the way, I added some pictures from my trip to the post this morning. I forgot people around the world would be up after I went to bed. LOL! Have a marvelous week. Blessings!