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вторник, 26 юни 2012 г.

Day 177 : Sizzling / Цвъртящо, парливо, изпепеляващо (рус.)

Трудна дума. / Difficult word.
Това е един от майсторите, чиято работилница снимах преди време.
This is one of the masters which workshop I shot some time ago.
Тази вечер правих албума на Нина и закъснях с публикуването на снимката. След няколко часа трябва да ставам за работа..Лека нощ!
Tonight I made the album of Nina and I was late with the publication of the photo. After several hours I have to get up to work .. Good night!
На сутринта -
Надявам се, че съм разбрала добре думата. Наложи се да я преведа на руски, за да я разбера. Също така търсих за нея много в Интернет.
In the morning -
I hope I have understood well the word.
I had it translated into Russian to understand it. Also looking for it a lot on the Internet.

10 коментара:

  1. Excellent.. men in workshops do good 'sizzling' xx

    1. You're absolutely right!
      Both used the technical part, not culinary and color. I think you win - 1. Col is really cool! Please congratulate him! 2. Your way of detail is excellent! 3. At the time of publication.
      Let men in the workshops to be alive, healthy and creative!

  2. That is such a great picture Borqna. Well done !

  3. great photo for sizzling. Well done on the album of Nina.

  4. What a fantastic shot for sizzling! When are you giving the album to Nina? I bet she will be thrilled.

    1. This morning she got it. Photographed her with the album! Now she shows it to colleagues.
      Tonight at home I will upload my photos.
      Thank you for your interest and comments.