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Sofia, Bulgaria; Just a woman in a Man's Man's World... Wife, mother of a 20+year-old boy -a young philosopher. Make cards sometimes and I was a proud DT member of IKEsWORLD CHALLENGES.

неделя, 26 май 2019 г.

May 24 - part 1 - a healthy and strong Bulgarian boy

   Абитуриентски бал на Владимир Венков.
   Снимките и видеата не са мои.

Upon graduation, students have a festive evening. They count up to 12 - how many years they have studied. It's right for them to count up to 41 - as many as the questions of the Bulgarian language test!
Photos and videos aren't mine. 
My son is so handsome and cool that I reminded myself of the story of the so-called Pressing diplomacy - which you can read with the help of a Google translator here.

That's the beginning - 

" Once they asked Henry Kissinger, a former US Secretary of State:
- What is "pressing diplomacy"?
Kissinger replied:
"Oh, that's a unique Jewish method. I will give you an example. Let's say you want to marry Rockefeller's daughter for a typical rural boy from Bulgaria.
- What? How can this happen?
- Very easy...

/ Please accept this with a good sense of humor! /

The family members

May 24 - part 2

  Абитуриентски бал на Владимир Венков.  
  Снимките и видеата не са мои.


Техният клас без едно момиче.

May 24 - part 3

  Абитуриентски бал на Владимир Венков.  
  Снимките са от ресторанта и не са мои.

вторник, 21 май 2019 г.



The theme is "ANYTHING GOES" again, with optional Twist -
Image:  a Freebie for Challenge #120 - "Bluetit Catkin"
/ Синигер/

Here are my cards:
Crazy for CAS  #17 BIRDS
/ If there is something wrong, please ignore my card! / 
Crafting from the Heart  #243 ANYTHING GOES
Lil Patch of Crafty Friends -  Always Anything Goes

Size:  21 sm./15sm.

Some inspirations -  Song of a Blue Tit

Free your mind
See what offers Ike and show us what you think - make cards!
You may use any images you like to play along 
but we would love it if you used an IKEsART image.

четвъртък, 16 май 2019 г.

понеделник, 13 май 2019 г.


A very pleasant surprise - a prize led me to these wonderful cards!
 Thank you very much!

Една много приятна изненада - награда от Scribbles Designs Challenge
ми даде импулс за тези чудесни картички!  
Images: 706 Woolley Chorus Line
#708 Mr Wool Counting

Sentiment: Happy graduation!
My son this year / this month!/ graduates his secondary education.
Моят син завършва 12 клас!

Scribbles Designs Challenge #76: Pastels / If there is something wrong, please ignore my card! /

Lil Patch of Crafty Friends - Always Anything Goes 
A Gem of a Challenge 2W , 3E - #9 - Anything Goes (W1 of 2)
Картичкофурийско предизвикателство 390 - Майски празници

 And a little black humor - In what paws will they fall??
 Here are the four cards - two are more colorful.