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сряда, 4 юли 2012 г.

Day 186 : Dangerous / Опасно

Днес Сузи ни предизвика да търсим опасностите около нас. А те са навсякъде -
Today Susie challenged us to look for dangers around us. And they are everywhere -
В подлеза -  / In the subway -
На пешеходната пътека - / On the pedestrian crossing -

Изгнили дървета, край пътя. Е, от общината са реагирали навреме - /
Decayed trees by the roadside. Well, the municipality have reacted in time -
Зло куче в двора - / Evil dog in the yard -

 И естествено - неукрепени саксии по прозорците - класика в жанра - /
And of course - unwalled pots on the windows - a classic in the genre -

 Опасно, да! Винаги някой те гледа! / 

Dangerous, yes! Someone always watching you!

Има котка на прозореца! / There is a cat on the window!
 Бъдете внимателни! / Be careful!
И за да завърша с усмивка - вижте тези сладки дами. Как мислите - Дали са опасни?
And to finish with a smile - see these sweet ladies. How do you think - Are they dangerous?

10 коментара:

  1. Ahh, great dangerous photos, but those ladies just look lovely, who are they Borqna? xx

    1. These are colleagues. They only come on certain days. The picture is from the bus stop. You can see them here -
      Unfortunately, Mr. Weathered missing today. This has deprived my publication of erotic moment. Just kidding. / Tonight he is the night shift. /

  2. Great photos Borqna ! I agree with the flower pots, terribly dangerous.
    Yes these ladies look lovely ! xx

  3. Goodness, so many dangerous things. Stay safe!

  4. Great photos, the plant pots look dangerous for passers by.
    I like the photo of your colleagues

  5. Great photos of all the dangers around us!!
    Your collegues look nice ladies xxx

  6. Good pictures .. and makes me afraid to leave the house!!

  7. So many "dangerous" photos and they are all great! I couldn't think of what to post. The ladies look lovely. Take care not to walk under the windows with the flower pots too often.

  8. Thank you ladies for your comments. I know that there are many more dangerous things than these. Worst thing is that someone always watching you ... Did you see the cat on the window? This is symbolic.

    Благодаря ви дами за вашите коментари. Аз знам, че има много по-опасни неща от тези. Страшното е, че винаги някой те гледа... Видяхте ли котката на прозореца? Това е символично.