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събота, 14 юли 2012 г.

Day 196 : Motion blur

"Размазване при движение" -
това означава

Без думи. / Without words.
... аз съм размазана...  /   I am - Motion blur

7 коментара:

  1. great photos, looks like a lovely warm day, the fountain looks great :)

  2. Great photos. You found some wonderful snaps with blur in them.

  3. You won, hands down (that is a saying here!) I absolutely adore your photos today :D Well done Borqna :) xxxxx

  4. seeing your photos makes me want to go on holidays in your part of the world.. can you send some sunshine to us please? just for a day or two?? we will give it back i promise!

    love your motion blurs too.. i had some i took on the motorway, but it wasnt today, so i couldnt use those!

  5. What beautiful photos ! The best for yesterday !