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събота, 21 юли 2012 г.

Day 203 : Three's a crowd

   Темата днес - "Трима са тълпа."
   Това ме накара да си спомня заглавието на една игра от моето детство -
"Двама са малко - Трима са много!"
   Но, как се играеше, някой спомня ли си?
   В почивните дни и в тези жеги навън, моят съпруг релаксира, като играе на компютъра. Шах, табла, ConQUIZTador, COD.
   Шах, ли написах - ами, да! Това е!
   Двама, които играят! Третият е ... 

   Today's theme is - "Three is a crowd."
   This made me remember the title of a game from my childhood -
   "Two are few - Three are much!"
   But how to play, someone remembers it?

  At weekends and in such heat outside, my husband relax by playing on the computer. Chess,   Backgammon, ConQUIZTador, COD.
    Chess, I wrote - well, Yes! That's it!
    Two that play! The third is ...

   Ами, третият съм аз, която искам да ползвам компютъра, поне за кратко време!
Така е, като не знам да играя шах...
   Винаги съм мислела, че
за една жена има по-забавни игри с ...мъжете!

   Well, I'm third, I want to use the computer, at least for a short time!
   Yeah, I do not know how to play chess.
   I always thought that there are other fun games for a woman with ... the men!

   Приятен следобяд и пийте разхладителни напитки!
   Have a nice afternoon! Drink refreshing drinks!


8 коментара:

  1. What a fantastic idea, well done Borqna, I am really impressed by your choice.
    Have a nice week-end too with cool drinks!

  2. i cant play chess either! well done on the photo

  3. It looks like you had a lovely day and Yes 3 would be a crowd playing chess. Great interpretation.

  4. Thank you very much ladies!
    Could guess from Nestea, what a sweet lady in the park was giving free - but now I sparked - Chess for three there is!
    But our board is for two!

  5. Another person who doesn't understand chess either!!

    Some great photos of your day xxx

  6. Solitaire kind of girl here :) Love your photos today! xx

  7. How fabulous - you seem to have the nice weather.
    I am sorry I have missed so many of your nice things on Blog. My list it has you but it says you are broken and has not been showing me the things :-( xxxxxxxx