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вторник, 15 септември 2020 г.

IKEsWORLD Ch #136 - U is for ...


The theme is "ANYTHING GOES" again, with optional Twist -

Under the Weather


Idioms: Under the Weather 
Болен съм. Не се чувствам добре. Неразположен съм.
Навъсен, тъжен, унил, меланхоличен, безрадостен, потискащ.
В нетрезво състояние. Махмурлук.
Преживявам злополучие, нещастие, беда, бедствие, напаст.

Freebie image for this Challenge is
Here is my card:

It's made with Greece in my mind.

I could write - "Get well soon" or "Get back in the game"... 
I think "Good Vibes" fits great for an umbrella! 
Isn't that so?

Because you are special!

I believe that everything will be fine!

Мисля, че " Добри вибрации" пасва чудесно за едно чадърче! Не е ли така?

Kerkyra ( Corfu ) 2014

My son is very tired from the long walk on a hot day.

The photo I used as a background in the card.

Oh, I wish there was now an umbrella for sun!

Thank you for your attention. 
I hope you are inspired to make cards with Ike's images.