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Sofia, Bulgaria; Just a woman in a Man's Man's World... Wife, mother of a 20+year-old boy -a young philosopher. Make cards sometimes and I was a proud DT member of IKEsWORLD CHALLENGES.

понеделник, 22 април 2019 г.

Days 106 - 112 - 2019

Banana juice. Under the cap has a message.

Hand out yourself 100%

Artist Georgi Kostov

I added some artificial snow

Leg problems?

3 sandwiches for Vladi and 2 for me.

вторник, 16 април 2019 г.



The theme is "ANYTHING GOES" again, with optional Twist -
Images I used: 
 FLEAZ NAVIDAD Set of 5 - "Ai Haz Mizzeltowz"

My cards:
Free your mind
See what offers Ike and show us what you think - make cards!
You may use any images you like to play along 
but we would love it if you used an IKEsART image.

понеделник, 15 април 2019 г.

четвъртък, 11 април 2019 г.

Day 101 - 2019

"... от Витоша по-високо нема."
"... от Искаро по-длабоко нема." *

* -  song / Ой, шопе, шопе/  lyrics, local dialect -
" That Vitosha Mountain is the highest,
That the Iskar River is the deepest."

вторник, 9 април 2019 г.

Days 95-99 - 2019

Chinese rice with vegetables - for the first time I cook this.
      The inscription - "For Borianka" - added "k" in the name, which makes it diminishing ... 
In the case means - love ..., replaces "Dear". Only my closest people call me that. 
       Another variation is - adding "че" - Борянче / Боряна/
A gift from Michelle - brown rice and red pepper
I always measure the milk for breakfast

From April 5th we finally have a left-turn traffic light at the exit of Sofia.