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неделя, 26 май 2019 г.

May 24 - part 1 - a healthy and strong Bulgarian boy

   Абитуриентски бал на Владимир Венков.
   Снимките и видеата не са мои.

Upon graduation, students have a festive evening. They count up to 12 - how many years they have studied. It's right for them to count up to 41 - as many as the questions of the Bulgarian language test!
Photos and videos aren't mine. 
My son is so handsome and cool that I reminded myself of the story of the so-called Pressing diplomacy - which you can read with the help of a Google translator here.

That's the beginning - 

" Once they asked Henry Kissinger, a former US Secretary of State:
- What is "pressing diplomacy"?
Kissinger replied:
"Oh, that's a unique Jewish method. I will give you an example. Let's say you want to marry Rockefeller's daughter for a typical rural boy from Bulgaria.
- What? How can this happen?
- Very easy...

/ Please accept this with a good sense of humor! /

The family members

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