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вторник, 28 януари 2014 г.

Week 5 - Winter Views II

Lucky 7's in 2014
 Tuesday: This season's favourite meal

 За тази вечер бях решила да направя пържени кюфтета. Ники бе купил карначета. Така направихме една мешана "скара".
For tonight I decided to make fried meatballs. Nicky had bought karnacheta. So we made a mix.
karnacheta  - raw / preparing /
 Вечеря:                                          Dinner:
карначета;                                      karnacheta / pork grilled or oven;
пържени кюфтета;                        fried meatballs;
пържени картофи;                         French fries;
салата от кисело зеле;                  salad of pickled cabbage;
салата от кьопауло и майонеза;  Aubergine salad with mayonnaise;
сирене;                                           cheese;
червено вино;                                red wine;
хляб.                                               bread.

 Daily Snappers 2014
Day 28 - Inside / my kitchen!/ SMILE!
This is one of our favorite dishes in the winter.
Wednesday in advance   :   Sky View
 Сряда в аванс - Небе.
 Огромен самолет, който успях да заснема малко преди да се скрие зад сградата.
A huge plane that I managed to capture shortly before it disappeared behind the building.

6 коментара:

  1. Good winter food.. lots of comfort eating .. calories and fries!

    1. Thank you KathiJo!
      Winter simply need more more calories. Men - always! - Smile
      You can see my plate at the right angle / ah me..! /.

  2. Love seeing your foods ao different from us except the chips!! Lovely blue sky for you!!

  3. Those are brilliant plates full of lovely comforting winter food

  4. Looks good Borqna! I would eat that with no problem!

  5. Oh, I can never say no to fries - absolutely love them. The photo with the plane is very interesting - it looks as if it is landing on the roof.