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четвъртък, 23 януари 2014 г.

Week 4 - My World in Four Words

Lucky 7's in 2014
Опиши своя свят с няколко думи.
Describe your World in a few words.
Thursday : My World in Four Words

Животът е театрална сцена.         или         Животът е забележително пътуване.
Life is a Theater Scene. 

Life is a Remarkable Journey.

       В предизвикателството на Кати сме, в което днес трябва да опишем нашия свят с 4 думи.
       След като миналата седмица ние ровихме в шкафове и перални машини  и нищо не остана скрито-покрито, мисля че събрах кураж да разкажа една история, от която доста се срамувам.
      През лятото на 1991 година се дипломирах като машинен инженер. Имах 10 годишен трудов договор с X, но времената бяха трудни - нямаше работа, съкращаваха хора..
      X ми изплатиха обещетение и аз не започнах работа при тях, а се озовах вкъщи. Бях с високо самочувствие - бях учила много и издържала успешно трудни изпити. 
     Започнах работа в една от най-добрите чужди фирми, развиващи пазар в България. Още на втория ден при мен дойде една от продавачките по някакъв въпрос. Тя ме поздрави с:
         - Здравей, колежке! 
        Изтръпнах. Тя беше с основно образование и освен това... туркня. 
        Стиснах зъби. Но вечерта здраво си поревах.
        - Как може, как може тая да ми вика "колежке"!
        Няма да забравя спокойствието на майка ми. Тя каза само:
        - Аз не разбирам какъв е проблемът. Тя е твоя колежка.
         Собствената ми майка не ме разбираше! Ужас! Здраво си поревах.
         Но тя беше права. Това бяха моите колеги. 
         На следващия ден аз отидох при тази продавачка и я поздравих учтиво:
         - Здравей, колежке! Приятен ден!
         Приех ролята и вече не се големеех. През годините работех в различни фирми, имах много и различни по етнос колеги. Етичният кодекс винаги е бил на първо място.
         Така до ден днешен аз продължавам да играя ролите, които ми предоставя живота и да се радвам на това. 

П.С. Трябва да добавя и това:
Всяка жаба да си знае гьола и мястото в него, колеги!

      We are in the challenge of KathiJo Lucky 7's in 2014 in which we should now describe our World with four words.
     After last week we delve into the cupboards and washing machines, and nothing was left hidden, I think I collected the courage to tell a story that I am pretty feel ashamed. 

     In the summer of 1991 I graduated as a mechanical engineer. I had a 10-year employment contract with X - but times were hard - didn't work, make staff reductions ..
     X had paid compensation, I don't went to work for them, and I found myself at home.
     I had very high self esteem - I learned a lot and passed a very difficult exam. I started working in one of the best foreign firms developing market in Bulgaria.  / My five years University on life!/
      On the second day one of the saleswomen come to me on any subject. She greeted me with:
        - Hi, colleague!
      I shuddered. She had a basic education, and besides ... Turkish woman. I clenched my teeth. But in the evening I cried at home.
      - How can,.. how can she calling me "colleague"!?
      I will not forget the calmness of my mother. She said only:
     - I don't understand what's the problem. She is your colleague.
     My own mother doesn't understand me! Horror!  /Healthy cry./
     But she was right. These were my colleagues.
     On the next day I went to this saleswoman greeted her politely:
     - Hi, colleague! Have a nice day!
     I accepted the role and I'm not insolent. Over the years I worked in different companies, I had   many different (ethnic) colleagues. The Ethics Code has always been the first place.
      So I continue to play the roles that gives me Life and to enjoy it.
P.S. But: Every frog must know its water hole and the location in it.

 Daily Snappers 2014

Day 23 - Road

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  1. Wow.. a mechanical engineer.. you would love to see our things we make.. have a look at STS Trolleys..well done, you must have a lot of great stories about your work.. x

  2. hi there friend. i'm happy to see that you've visit my blog. thanks. i can see that you have taken a lot of lovely pics sense i visit you last time, they are all amazing and awsome. you are a great photograf! i wish you a lovely weekend. lots of hugs, tess.

  3. I think it is wonderful that you have a degree in mechanical engineering. My brother has a degree in electrical engineering but he is retire now.

  4. I always wanted to work in an engineering field... my parents will tell you horror stories of me dismantling every electronical device in the house (with knives and other implements when they hid the screw drivers) :) Loved you sharing your story too... friend ;) I am with your mum on the puzzled team though! And the saying about frogs, I just laughed out loud and had to think of my pet toads. I'm quite content in a quiet little pond, I do not care for all these waves in this big ocean called "my life" at the moment :D. And I love, love, love looking at your part of the world.. even your roads look more interesting than ours! x

  5. Thank you very much, dear ladies!
    In Bulgaria after 1992 no machine building industry, so - you can say that I'm a retired too.
    Thanks Nicky - I made an accurate translation of the quote about frogs / Look updates /.

  6. Loved reading your blog today- little glimpes into everyone's lives!

  7. Great ideas for the day. It is so interesting to see little glimpses of your life

  8. PS Roland was also a mechanical engineer when I met him but also had to change his employment.

  9. Borqna a real glimpse into your world nd life today! What a clever lady you are. I am so impressed xxx