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неделя, 26 януари 2014 г.

Week 4 - My World in Seven Words

Lucky 7's in 2014

Постигнете баланс между личния и служебния живот.
Achieve a balance between work and private life. 
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Daily Snappers 2014

Day 26 - Perfect 

5 коментара:

  1. Love your 7 words and thank you for this challenge idea you gave Kathi this week xxx
    And those pizzas look perfect as well as being perfect for a cold snowy day!!

  2. life would be a lot better if we all took your advice . keep warm

  3. the pizzas look great, must be cold for you, you have snow!

  4. It is certainly a lesson we could all do with taking heed of. I only work one day a week- but my husband has been doing 2 jobs for nearly three years. They are finally making the right noises about sorting it out for him- even though it means him stepping away from the management side of his new role. But to me-getting the home balance right for him - is worth anything.

  5. Your words all week have been very inspirational and serious. It makes me feel like a need to do more with my life. LOL Another great post Borqna!