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събота, 11 януари 2014 г.

Week 2 - Colours part IV

  Lucky 7's in 2014
Saturday : Pink or Purple (depends if you have girls in the house!)

A blouse that my mother gave me many years ago ..   /2002/
The blouse had 3 pearl buttons.
I swapped it with two new / metal/ buttons.

- Sorry, Mom, but I do not like this blouse!

Sorry, I still suffer-back in the 
apartment of my ... childhood ...

          Тази вечер прибрах играчките от коледната елха и намерих тези 2 рисунки - Предполагам, че първата е направена от учителката в детската градина , а втората рисунка е на моя син Владимир.
            Tonight I got toys from the Christmas tree and found these two drawings -
I guess the first one is made ​​by the teacher in kindergarten and the second picture was made by my son Vladimir.

Dinner - mini pizzas
/ For two - I doп't eat dinner! /
И моята идея -
And my PINK idea 

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