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четвъртък, 9 януари 2014 г.

Week 2 - Colours part I

Lucky 7's in 2014

За цветната седмица на Кати аз избрах:
- червената чаша на Кока-Кола, която получих в понеделник;
- гъстата мъгла - снимката не е обработвана - наистина изглежда СИНЯ!
- луковиците на зюмбюлите за "Зелената"сряда.

For the Kathy's color Week I chose:
- Red cup of Coca-Cola that I received on Monday;
- the thick fog - the picture isn't processed - looks really BLUE!
- Hyacinth bulbs for "Green" Wednesday.

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5 коментара:

  1. Thanks again Borqna.. great pictures and seeing a few together really shows the theme of colours.. I especially like the red glass..x

  2. Great to see you doing 3 colours in one blog, a good way to blog sometimesxx

  3. I love the shape of Coca-Cola glass. The mist looks really eerie and the hyacinth bulbs remind me of my mum

  4. I love the shape of the coca-cola glass. The mist looks really eerie and the hyacinths remind me of my mum

  5. I love your pictures. You always take such interesting shots. The one with all of the fog is especially good!