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неделя, 2 септември 2012 г.

Day 246 : Ribbon / Лента, панделка

Една картичка в работен момент. За съжаление не си спомням на кого е това изображение.
Тук виждате една сатенена червена лента/ панделка и една брошка във вид на панделка.
A working card in time. Unfortunately I do not remember whose is this image.
Here you see a red satin ribbon and a brooch in the form of a ribbon.
/And I found!
12.09.2012 http://lauw-creations.blogspot.fr/2012/09/bonjour-ma-carte-aujourdhui-est.html

 The Whoopsi Daisy Digi/
 След три месечна почивка - ето две картички./ After three months of vacation - here two cards.
Challenge: „Неща с крила” / "Things with wings"

"There are three things that adults can learn from their children:
be happy without reason,
always be busy with something
and strive as hard for what they want."
Paulo Coelho

 Шоколадовият сладкиш е мое производство! Много вкусен. Рецептата за него може да намерите на гърба на пакетче какао. / Chocolate cake is my production! Delicious. The recipe for it can be found at the back of the packet of cocoa.
A the beautiful sunflowers are a gift for my mother.

Тази неделя майка има рожден ден, а миналата неделя тя беше в санаториум в Банкя.

Ето малко снимки - метрото, Банкя и после центъра.  
This Sunday is mother's birthday. Last Sunday she was in a sanatorium in Bankya.
Here are some pictures - metro, Bankya, and then the town center.
Metro station at Sofia University

This is me and my mom
My mother and Lucy
The Mosque "Banya Bashi"
Central Sofia Market Hall


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  1. Happy birthday to your mum, looks like you had a lovely time together

  2. Happy Birthday to Borqna's mum :)

    I love your photos today, especially the ribbon and the metro shot.

  3. Боряна, с Днем Рождения твою Маму! Я очень рада что ты снова делаешь открытки:):):)
    P/S Пауло Коэльо- мой любимый писатель:)

  4. Happy belated birthday to your mum ! I love Paulo Coehlo, I read so many of his books !

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mum and at last a photo of you?

    love your scrapping and I am going to take that quote for Shimelle's LSNED month for one of my pages!

  6. Прекрасни картички, Боряна! Благодаря ти, за участието в крилатото предизвикателство при Картичкофуриите!

  7. Честит празник и от мен на твоята майка, Боряна!
    Здраве и чудесни мигове заедно ви желая!
    И още снимки от разни бани и банки;)

  8. Hello !
    I'm happy that you found the image you searched :-))
    Your cards are very nice.
    oh and happy birthday to your mum :-)
    Have a nice day !