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събота, 8 септември 2012 г.

Day 252 : Eyes / Очи - part 1

     На 8 септември се родила Дева Мария и православната църква чества Малка Богородица (Рождество на Пресвета Богородица).
    On September 8 was born Virgin Mary and the Orthodox Church celebrates the Malka Bogoroditsa (Nativity of St. Mary).

П. К. Яворов
            Две хубави очи. Душата на дете
            в две хубави очи; - музика - лъчи
            Не искат и не обещават те...
            Душата ми се моли,
            душата ми се моли!
           Страсти и неволи
            ще хвърлят утре върху тях
            булото на срам и грях.
Булото на срам и грях -
не ще го хвърлят върху тях
страсти и неволи.
Душата ми се моли,
душата ми се моли...
Не искат и не обещават те! -
Две хубави очи. Музика, лъчи
в две хубави очи. Душата на дете.

Two Beautiful Eyes

Peyo Yavorov

Two beautiful eyes. The soul of a child
In two beautiful eyes – music, rays.
They don’t want and they don’t promise…
My soul is praying,
My soul is praying!

Passions and miseries
Will throw tomorrow upon them
The veil of shame and sin
The veil of shame and sin
Will not throw upon them
Passions and miseries.

My soul is praying,
My soul is praying…
They don’t want and don’t promise!
Two beautiful eyes. Music, rays.
In two beautiful eyes. The soul of a child.

 Peyo Yavorov, pseudonym of Peyo Kracholov, was Bulgarian poet and dramatist, the founder of the Symbolist movement in Bulgarian poetry. Yavorov was involved in the revolution against the Ottomans. In 1903, he edited revolutionary papers, and crossed into Macedonia with partisan bands. Until 1900 Yavorov mainly wrote sociopolitical poetry, which was inspired by his compassion for peasantry, the struggles of the Macedonians, and the suffering Armenian exiles. He committed suicide at the age of 36.

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  1. Lovely photos of eyes, Borqna. I love the maddona and child and your sons eyes. The poem is beautiful

  2. On september 8 was born my mum too !
    Beautiful eyes of Vlad !
    LSNED is : learn something new every day. It's a class by Shimelle. xx

    1. Thank you, Anne!
      / Now I will sleep peacefully - I went around the blogs to figure it out. I saw that and wrote Jennie Hard wrote - LSNED./

  3. Beautiful eyes, love the serious with the fun. Spongebob is a favourite here.

    Your son's eyes are beautiful xxx

  4. Thank you, ladies!
    I am very glad for this challenge. It is
    /learn something new every day/!