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сряда, 19 септември 2012 г.

Day 263 : Negative space / Oтрицателно пространство

YES, Suzies - another tricky one!

   Началото на тази публикация е краят.
   Да станеш в 5,10 часа и да трамбоваш цял ден. Да успееш да се прибереш вкъщи жив / все пак!/  - около 19,30 часа и да разбереш, че няма вода. И никой не знае и не ти казва!
/ На сайта на Софийска вода е обявена аварията в 17,50/
   В какво отрицателно пространство попаднах!
   Иначе ето две снимки, които направих през деня - "Място за пушене" и контейнерите за отпадък -
две отрицателни пространства.
 The beginning of this post is its end.
To wake up in 5.10 hours and go back and forth all day. Do succeed to get home alive / still! / - about 19.30 hours and understand that no water at home. And nobody knows and nobody tells you
 / On the website of the Sofia water was declared the accident at 17.50 /
In what
negative space I came across !
Anyway here are two pictures that I made during the day - "Smoking Place" and waste bins -
two negative spaces.

   Мислех за хиперпространство - учихме такива неща в Техническия Университет. Мислех за вещици, врачки, магии...
I thought about hyperspace - learned things at the Technical University. I thought about witches, visionaries, mirrors, magic ...

   Отрицателно пространство - там, където квадратът на единицата за разстояние бил равен на единицата за време със знак минус?
   А Питагоровата теорема би изглеждала така?
Negative space - where the square of the distance unit was equal to the time unit with a minus sign?
A Pythagorean Theorem would look like this?

A^2 = B^2 + C^2\,

-25 = -9 - 16\,

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  1. I hope your water was restored quickly- and your day doesn't start quite so early tomorrow.

    1. Thank you very much, dear Kim! You will not believe - no water, but under windows an orchestra playing "Hotel California" / in the park /. Unbelievable!
      In fact, I'm mad at the teenager - he must have commitments!
      Thank you! Pleasant evening!

  2. How awful Borqna. I too hope you are all sorted now.

    I love the negative space photos, excellent. xxx

  3. No water, poor you. I hope it will be resolved soon ! xxx

    1. Oh dear Anne!
      I ask for apologies - I just learned this.
      Yesterday I only saw the pictures - they are fantastic! Congratulations.
      I will use the words of Lynne:
      "Take care, my love and prayers for you, your Dad and of course your Mum too!"
      These days I think of you constantly. You've got a gift card. You can see it here:
      When you decide, please mail me -
      I will send it on address or mailbox. It is a gift from me, and by the author of the postcard.
      P.S. If I read this yesterday - I would not complain that there is no water! Now I'm ashamed.

  4. Thanks a lot!
    In 10 hours there is already water!
    Start - at work,
    but at home!

  5. Poor you xx Out all day and a long day to come home to no water LOL!!
    Great negative photos love them!! x You are a delight, hope to meet you one day...who knows?

  6. Glad that your water has returned. Good to see your mathematics again.

  7. Great photos. Sorry to read about your water. I hope it is back on by now