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сряда, 1 октомври 2014 г.

A brave Englishwoman

52 Photos Project                                    
HOSTESS: BELLA                                  

My Wish that Came True
52 Photos Project 
  My dream - to welcome Vivian in my city - Sofia.
And to do just that image - in front of the National Theatre Ivan Vazov.

I met Viv in the challenge Suzie in 2012 - 365 Photos in 2012

Our little group has continued its contacts in the next two years:
Lucky Snapping in 2013
Lucky 7's in 2014

I am very happy that Viv and Ronald visited my country - Bulgaria.
viv Sept. 25th  2013,
 ... it would be lovely to meet.
viv July 27th  2013,
I think the Sofia tour is very interesting, Perhaps one day we may be able to visit you

viv Febr.26th  2014, 
We are considering going to Bansko in September...
I saw the photos by LindyLou.

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