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петък, 27 декември 2013 г.

Quote Challenge - December - part II

Lucky Snapping in 2013
Merry Christmas!
Малко разместване в апартамента - това е кухненската маса. / Little shift in the apartment - it's kitchen table.
На тази салата - майонеза, телешки салам, сварени яйца, варени картофи, кисели краставички, варени моркови и варен грах - ние казваме " Руска салата".
Разбрах, че в Русия на същата тази салата казват - " Френска салата".
Интересно, какво казват французите?
Това е въпрос към Анне. А също и към вас - Познавате ли тази салата?

This salad - mayonnaise, beef sausage,
boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, pickles, boiled carrots and boiled peas - we say "Russian salad".
I realized that in Russia this same salad say - "French salad."
I wonder what the French say?
This is a question for Anne. And to you - Do you know this salad?
Ракията, коята моята сестра ми донесе от Италия, когато с майка бяха там на гости. Пазехме я да я пием заедно. Ето подходящ случай!

Rakia which my sister brought me from Italy when she and our mother were there. Keep it to drink together. Here is the appropriate occasion!
Децата обядваха в кухнята, а после играха в стаята на Влади.
Children eating lunch in the kitchen, and then played in the room of Vlady.

The lunch
Честит рожден ден, племенико! / Happy birthday nephew!
Тортата - направена от сестра ми. / The Birthday cake - made ​​by my sister.
И щолена, който купих. / And stollen that I bought.

6 коментара:

  1. It looks like good cooking is a tradition in your family. Glad you had a great day. Happy Birthday to your nephew

  2. It looks like fantastic food. As of the French salad, Borqna, we call it Macedonian salad in France !!! xxx

  3. Everything looks SO delicious! I'm especially intrigued by the stollen that you bought. I hope you had a marvelous Christmas celebration and that in 2014 you are blessed with peace, love and joy.

  4. Borqna thank you so much for blogging this week. How interesting it is to see your dinners, so different from ours in UK and again so is the USA different too!!

    Yes we in UK call it Russian salad and I also know it as Macedonian salad! We too have stollen cake at Christmas, one of my sons loves it and eats so much of it at Christmas !!

    Happy New year to you and your family xxx
    Keep blogging we must still keep in touch occasionally too Much love it has been a good year x

  5. Your food looks delicious. I love learning of other's customs for the holidays. It looks like everyone had a good time. Have a happy new year!

  6. Ooooh !!! The food looks delicious - I love Russian Salad :-D
    I hope you all had a wonderful time together :-D

    IKE xxxxxxxxxx