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четвъртък, 4 април 2013 г.

Days 3-4 & Lucky Snapping in 2013 The View Challenge: April

Photo a day 

3. Something beginning with A: Find something beginning with the letter A, snap and share.
Нещо, започващо е "А"

 / Afanasy - means - immortal/
Interesting that Albena and Boriana - ie I - they are characters of the same writer.
Lucky Snapping in 2013
 The Vie Challenge:April

Моята картичка
My card

La Poste


Résultat(s) de la recherche

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03/04/2013 En cours de traitement BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT PPDC
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le 01/04/2013
Arrivée en France  BULGARIE (BG).

The neighborhood


Посетете това място! / Visit this place!

 Аз съм готова с моите снимки! / I'm ready with my photos!

4. This happened today: Perhaps you’ll need to take a few photos today and share in a collage, or pick your favourite. What happened to you today?
Помните ли това: / Do you remember this:
What happened today? -

Day 4 : This happened today -My mom

Lucky Snapping in 2013
 The Vie Challenge:April


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