already in the second half of my life

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Sofia, Bulgaria Just a woman, wife and mother of 18 year old boy. I work full time and sometimes I make cards.

понеделник, 28 декември 2015 г.

When this began.. / Когато това започна

I had nothing to say * / -нямаше какво да кажа
I felt like a carp / чувствах се като шаран
December 6th
I’m not the only person with these things in mind..
What happens on our street and our house / building /?
Какво става на нашата улица и с нашата къща / кооперация/?

The glazing of balconies - is missing. It is beginning to build scaffolding.
Остъклението на балкона - липсва. Започва да се изгражда скеле.

I was confused

December 26th
/ Our house was selected for renovation under the European Programme /

* - "Somewhere I Belong" - LINKIN PARK

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