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сряда, 5 ноември 2014 г.

Week 45 : Letters II / update

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KathiJo в/ъв Lucky 7's in 2014 – 2 days ago

I am away this week.. chasing some sun in Lanzarote.. and I know several of the crew are also away.. Viv.. Karen.. but I thought I would be organised and post this for you whilst I am away. Nice and easy, lets just .. *blog some letters..* - *Monday...something beginning with 'A'* - *Tuesday...something ending in 'T'* - *Wednesday .... a favourite thing starting with 'C'* - *Thursday ... a place begining with 'L'* - *Friday ... a food begining with 'D'* - *Saturday ... 'S' is for 'something I saw on **Saturday'* - *Sunday ... 'M' is for.... още » 
 Tuesday...something ending in 'T'
Restaurant ; свежест / freshness/
 Магазинът / The shop/  
+ moment
 ремонт / repair/


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