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вторник, 8 октомври 2013 г.

Let's reflect challenge - October - Tuesday

"This month, our challenge's word starts with I and it's going to be
This is such a positive word as it only has to do with the nicest things."  


Let's reflect challenge - October

/tea/ - of course, it is drink, but can also be food by the diet
tuna fish  - When I hear "Tuna fish" - always remember the movie "Assassins" (1995)
 толумбички - tolumbichki - Tulumba
Recipe and photo here .  The blog is called - "Food for my cannibals "- really funny!
" A popular and tasty dessert, similar in preparation to choux pastry. It is fried then soaked in a sugary syrup. "
 I found the video:
 This is something that I can not prepare at home. I buy it from the confectionery house.

  - One tolumbichka please!
  - Take it! Then, when you see the scales weight - you will hate yourself! - answered the seller 
- Една толумбичка, моля!
- Вземи си! После, като видиш кантара, ще се мразиш като мен! - отговори продавачката

Pumpkin pie OR exact translation Cake " pumpkin-head"
/ read - tikvenik /
 A recipe and pictures here.  
The traditional cake for Christmas Eve.
Another few suggestions
 My people do not like  Tolumba, nor the Pumpkin pie, nor Tuna fish!

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