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неделя, 5 май 2013 г.

Days 3 - 5 May Photo A Day & feast day

Photo a day

3. This is really good!: Find something good in your life and take a photo.
Дъжд! Дългоочаквана прохлада!
Rain! Long Awaited coolness!

4. In my cup: What are you drinking today?
В събота се месят и пекат козунаците. Днес е и последният шанс да се боядисат яйцата за Великден.
On Saturday, meddling and bake Easter cakes. Today is the last chance to paint eggs for Easter.

5. Paper: Is it a bill? Newspaper? A letter or a heartfelt card you received? Find paper around you.

Воистина воскресе!
Today is Easter for Orthodox Christians.

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