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петък, 2 ноември 2012 г.

Days 306-307: Tree & Primary colours

 Tree - Дърво

 Това е същото дърво - от другата страна. /  This is the same tree - the other side.
Време за парти? / Party Time ?

 Благодаря за чудесната снимка! / I - "Thanks for the excellent picture!You are very cool!"
 Майка ми обича да идва тук с нейните съседки.
 My mother likes to come here with her neighbors - pals.

Мамо, днес ми извадиха 2 зъба! /  Mom, today dentist took me 2 teeth!
Феята на зъбите отново ни донесе 2*1 железни лева.
The tooth fairy again brought us 2*1 iron leva - for his teeth!
Primary colours - Основните цветове

There are three basic, or 'Primary' colours and these are RED, YELLOW and BLUE. These colours CANNOT be made by mixing other colours.

All other colours are made by mixing these three 'PRIMARY' colours! eg. Red and yellow makes orange. Blue and yellow make green. And red and blue makes purple.
MIXING ALL THREE of the primary colours together will make a NEUTRAL colour (a very dark grey) This is very important in makeup as it gives us the ability to neutralise unwanted shades and I will come back to it in a minute
Next, a colour that is made from mixing two primary colour in equal amounts is called a 'SECONDARY' colour. These are orange, green and purple


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  1. Beautiful photos Borqna. Love that the tooth fairy passed by ! Did you get my email, did you understand how to register on UKS ? xx

    1. Thank you very much, dear Anne! I received your letter! Thanks for the invite! I need more time. I can not participate in the chat, but for 'Lucky Scrapping 2013' - OK!
      /Busy day at work today!
      Tomorrow is The Day of the dead. And-
      I am on travel tomorrow! /
      Monday it will be too late?
      I wish you a pleasant weekend!

  2. This is where you can do collage easily Borqna :


  3. great pictures and a visit from the tooth fairy- lucky boy.

  4. Borqna I need your email, mine is lynnemitchell@talktalk.net I await an email OK?

    Fot my collages I use a different programme FREE from google called Picasa, I alter my photos to B&W, lighten, straighten email them etc, a wonderful programme for me. Here is the link for you http://picasa.google.co.uk/

    What 'dishy' men you find to photograph!!

  5. Oh and what a brave boy to have those teeth removed by the dentis xxxxx

  6. Looks like you have a tooth fairy as well. He was very brave. I always love your photos, I would love to come and see your city.

  7. Fantastic post Borqna, I love the one of the teeth :)

    I'm glad the others have told you about what is happening. You will be able to join in as normal via a blog. I will be setting up a new one and you will be the first to know :D xxx