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вторник, 19 юни 2012 г.

Day 171: same ... but different - day 5

Pretty Nina - partV

           Днес показах на Нина нашето предизвикателство. Тя видя снимките. Заедно прочетохме вашите коментари. Нина много се зарадва. Тя ви благодари от сърце. Искаше да напише нещо, но после изглежда се притесни. Червеното човече на бюрото ми е подарък от нея. Това е касичка за монети. Страхотен подарък, нали?
           Today I showed of Nina our challenge. She saw the pictures. Together we read your comments. Nina was very glad. She thanks you heartily. She wanted to write something, but then she seems troubled. The red man - heart on my desk is a gift from her. This is a money-box. Great gift, right?

         Тази снимка ми я прати Нина. Снимала се е сама с телефона си. На снимката е с дъщеря се - Коки. Момиченцето е на 3 години. Тук Нина е наистина много различна. Това се дължи 1-во на близкия план на снимане и 2-ро - на малка корекция на веждите.
       Nina gave me this picture. She had photographed herself with the phone. In the photo she is with her daughter - Coccy. The girl is 3 years. Here is Nina really different - she has now a small correction of eyebrows. 

Топло е. На Витоша има още сняг!
Heat is, but Vitosha mountain has still snow.
Тази вечер пред кино Влайкова - малко преди прожекцията от 20 часа. "Студена светлина"
Tonight Vlaykova cinema - just before the projection of  8 p.m."Cold Light"

8 коментара:

  1. Love seeing all the photos of your town and country zz

  2. I love your photos Borqna and this series of Nina has been great, love the ones of her at the computer and with her daughter. I would love to know how you pronounce that name? xxx

    1. The name of the little girl is Costantina
      as Costa Brava.
      (the Bulgarian language - КОСТАНТИНА)
      In Spanish Costa means coast.
      Costa (for male) is a greek name.
      She has nickname Coccy/ Ko-ki/ -

      Please correct me if I make mistakes!

  3. Dear ladies, thank you very much for your attention and comments.

  4. I'be never been to your country so I really enjoy this tour you give us. Great photos of Nina and her little girl !

    1. Thank you, Anne! Who knows, maybe someday you will come! Then you will fall in love Bulgaria!