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четвъртък, 28 февруари 2013 г.

Days 27-28 & Martenitsa for Lucky Snapping in 2013

Photo a day
27. Playing: How do you have fun? Capture play in your life.

        Прекрасната Шантал иска да знае как се забавляваме, какви игри играем. 
        Аз игри не играя. Играя роля на домакиня, на майка, на съпруга, колежка - все скучни неща.
        Моето предложение е това - " Светът на танковете". Една игра, която е на мода у нас сега. Играе я и мъжа ми, и сина ми. И ако един ден и аз се запаля да играя компютърни игри - ще видим кой какви роли ще заиграе тогава!
        My suggestion is this - "World of Tanks". A game that is fashionable home now. It is a favorite of my husband and my son. I don't play games.
28. Upside down: Take a photo of something upside down. Should be fun!
How to shoot a country upside down? It is better child.

From the archives 2012 -
 ...мартеницата, която ми направи детето:
 The martenitsa ... that my child did for me.

When I asked my husband:
Did you see the
martenitsa that Vlad do for me? He told me that there is one for you! - He replied:
Yes, the white part is for me!
laughed! Penda for mom, for dadPizho! Economy - economy, the work of everyone! Perhaps in his eyes we are like two parts of a whole ... Martenitsa. The family.

"Баба Марта" е уникален български обичай. На 1 март всеки подарява на своите близки мартеница
/ бели и червени усукани конци/ и пожелава здраве и щастие с думите:
Човек носи мартеницата докато види щъркел.лястовица. Тогава той я сваля и я връзва на цъфнало плодно дърво.
"Baba Marta" is a unique Bulgarian tradition. On March 1 each gave his friends and relatives Martenitsa / Red and white twisted threads / and wished health and happiness, saying:
"Chestita Baba Marta".
One brings that Martenitsa until he sees a stork or swallow.

NEW from today!
The martenitsсi that Vlad did for us!

This is for me   -     Penda                                 This is for his father -      Pizho
The streets are filled with stalls with martenitsi. 
All day people buy for tomorrow March 1.

Another discovery for 
Lucky Snapping in 2013:
“ Look closely. The beautiful may be small” ~ Immanuel Kant

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  1. What a lovely traditon, thank you for sharing it. xx

  2. I agree Karen what a lovely tradition unique for your country xxx Thank you Borqna for sharing this xx

    Vlad what a lovely idea to make your own!

    Happy Martenitsa to you all xxx

  3. Happy March 1st to you! I haven't heard of this tradition yet and I think it's very interesting. Vlad did really well making his own gifts - they are much more precious than anything you can buy.

  4. The Martenitsi giving on 1st March is a lovely tradition.
    Those that Vlad made will be really precious to you.

  5. What a great tradition. Thank you for sharing. I agree with the others, the one Vlad made for you will be your favorite forever.