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петък, 1 февруари 2013 г.

Day 1 & Lucky Snapping in 2013 Week 5

Photo a day 

1. Fork: Everyone has a fork lying around at home, or work, right? Get creative and see how you can shoot it with a little style.

Думата е вилица.
Моята вече има нова служба : Вилица - антена!
Така де - нали мама отслабва!
 The word is a fork.
My own now has a new service:
Fork - an antenna.
I mean - I will lose weight!
/ I think the mouth stikers are a better way to lose weight! /
Day 1 : Fork -  technical nation
Дизайнът е специално подбран! / The design is specially selected!
 All the colours...
...of the RAINBOW

      Преследвах този мъж заради неговата жълта тениска. Той се съгласи да бъде сниман. Когато направих снимката, неговото мнение бе, че е снимката по-скоро BLUE, отколкото Yellow. Прав е и разбира от цветовете много по-добре от всеки друг. Той е печатар.
I chased this man for his yellow T-shirt. He agreed to be photographed. I made the photo. His opinion is that the picture is more BLUE, than Yellow. He is right. He knows the colors much better than anyone else. 
He is typographer-driver machine. 
Витоша / Vitosha mountain

8 коментара:

  1. Ah so you work in a printing press? That's a great contrast the yellow and the blue. Love it.

  2. I wondered where you worked Borqna! Peter was a printerin a printing works printing newsapapers.

    Like your fork photo today!

  3. Interesting and very big machinery. Not sure what a typographer machine does though. I like the picture of your fork and the skyline pictures are really nice.

  4. The photo is really very blue and very lovely. The yellow is like a piece of sun. The sunrise and the mountains are gorgeous.

  5. great blue photo, it really makes me smile thinking of you chasing men . Have you ever seen the benny hill show?

  6. Love the alternative use of the fork :) you know some very understanding men. x