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четвъртък, 31 януари 2013 г.

Day 31 & Lucky Snapping in 2013 Week 5

Photo a day
Това е снимка от Нова Година. Мисля, че тя е подходяща за FAT MUM SLIM.
This is a picture of the New Year. I think it is appropriate for FAT MUM SLIM.

 All the colours...
...of the RAINBOW

Мнемоника Код "Зелено" - Давай! / Mnemonic code "Green" - Go!
      Ето, Линн, този мъж, отказа да бъде сниман. / Понякога ми отказват! Ха-ха - шега/
      Дори беше готов да се раздели със зеления си шал, само и само да не бъде показано лицето му! Жалко, че не може да видите зелените му очи! Ще трябва ди си ги представите!
      Всъщност комбинацията на двете неща  / Само това ли?/ привлече силно вниманието ми. Аз мисля, че моят ентусиазъм го стресна.. След това той беше просветен за нашето предизвикателство.

Here, Lynne, this man refused to be photographed
/ Sometimes they don't want! They refuse me! Ha ha - joke /
was even ready to part with his green scarf, just to not be shown his face! Too bad you can not see his green eyes! You'll have to imagine them!

In fact, the combination of these two things  / Only these really?/ drew my attention heavily. I think that my enthusiasm startled him .. Then he was enlightened for our challenge.

9 коментара:

  1. I love to see the photos of your area every day. You were very brave to ask that man for a photograph.

  2. I wouldn't have the nerve to ask someone to photo their scarf lol

  3. fantastic, you are brave getting these photos :)

  4. Love your photos. You always have interesting subjects.

  5. It is refreshing to see your take on the rainbow challenge. I never think of colours when I drive or go around and I could never ask other people if I can take photos of them because of a colour. Love your courage and brilliant ideas! What's more your greens are emerald which is the most fashionable colour of this season.

  6. Thank you very much ladies! I'll do a little calendar for 2013 year of the last picture and I gave it to him if I see him again.

  7. You make me laugh Borqna, those poor men you ask to photograph, this one was a bit more resistant!

    1. People are afraid. We have fun here, but they do not know how it will be used this picture.
      I often just kidding. They ask me - Why do you take pictures?
      I say - Well, until I get home in the evening, I would forget where I was!

  8. Oh I do love seeing what you come up with for your photos, they always make me smile. x