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петък, 18 януари 2013 г.

LUCKY SNAPPING 2013 - WEEK 3 Nostalgia Challenge: New Beginnings

Just Nostalgic for my childhood - without politics!

This is the first day of school. A new beginning.
This is the only picture from the first class that I have.
That my mother has. I took this picture borrowed.
In the photo-house  we scan that picture and made a section.
I bought a new album and new paintbrushes.
I'm ready.

Thank you KathiJo
If this challenge does not existed, I would never do that. One day I was going to lose that picture.
I was visiting my mother. She couldn't find any pictures. She agreed very heavy that I take this picture.
Actually I have no pictures at home since before my wedding. With the exception of a few of celebration for graduation ..
This challenge will help me a lot.

This text is found somewhere

Dedicated to the children of the 60s, 70s and 80s of the 20th century.

If you were a child then, as you look back, it will be hard to believe that we have survived to this day.

We traveled in cars without seat belts and no airbags. Our crib was painted in bright colors with high lead content. On the bottles of medicine had no secret flaps, doors are often not locked, you can stay overnight in whom you like, but the cupboards at home is not never locked.

Drinking water from street drinking fountains and not of plastic bottles.

No one would even have thought to ride with a protective helmet. Horror, right!

Leave the house early morning, play all day and go home when the ignition street lighting and in summer - and often at night! And throughout the day no one could tell/know/ where we are! There were no mobile phones, can you imagine!

A few kids ate the same ice cream and lemonade drinking from the same bottle - and no one died! Yogurt is spoiled for two days ... There were no enhancers, stabilizers and genetically modified foods!

We didn't have computers, 3D games, CDs, GSM-, and 160 cable TV channels, Internet and often together we  went to the movies because there wasn't a video!

BUT we had a friends! Leave the house and find them. If someone had, knocking on the door, rang the bell, or just go with them to see it. Just like that, without a call! Do you remember? Without question! Alone in this cruel and dangerous world. Without security. How did we alive?

This post was written only in English / with help from GOOGLE /
as a protest against manipulations in some Bulgarian blogs challenges for making cards!

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  1. Borqna how true all that is and yes we survived, didn't die did we LOL!!

    How great that doing this nostalgia you get these photos from your Mother, you are truly blessed xxxx

  2. I think we had a better life in away, then children do now. Lovely school photo

  3. Great post today Borqna, that's really Nostalgia and that's a most beautiful text, so so true. You know, funnily enough, I am like you. I must have 3 photos of my between 0 and 5 and that's it. All the photos are in my mum's album and as they live so far away, I never think about scanning some when I visit ! xxx

  4. Borqna, I am so so happy that you enjoyed this challenge and that it has made you get this photo, and hopefully each month you can find another memory from your childhood, or maybe just when your child was young. Thank you for your kind words.. xxxx

  5. What lovely memories, Borqna. I now have all my mums photos in our loft. I need to get them down.

  6. It's great that you have been able to use that photo for your challenge.