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сряда, 13 февруари 2013 г.

Days 11-12 & Lucky Snapping in 2013 - Week 7 IMPOSSIBLE

Photo a day

11. Entrance: Think of a door, a gate, an archway… a way of getting through to another place. Which entrance will you choose?
Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria
Day 11 : Entrance

 12. Where you ate lunch: Where did you eat lunch today? At your favourite cafe? On the floor with the kids? At your work/school canteen? Share it. We wanna see!
 Къде обядвате
       Обикновено на бюрото си. Разбира се, тук има оборудвана кухня с всичко необходимо  - хладилник, печка, микровълнова, скара, маса, столове, мивка.., дори машина за топли напитки.    
        В района няма никакви заведения за хранене и кафета. Ако не си си взел предварително храна - оставаш на диета!
Usually on my desk.
Day 12 : Where you ate lunch

Lucky Snapping in 2013

       Анне ни предизвиква тази седмица с втората буква от "Silver Lining" - I.
       Думата е IMPOSSIBLE - невъзможно.
       Ето част от заданието:
Anne challenges us  this week with the second letter of the "Silver Lining" - I.
The word is
IMPOSSIBLE.Here is part in the master plan:

"It makes Impossible sound like a very negative word, so why would I use it in our Silver Lining Challenge ?

Simply because I am not talking about "that" Impossible. In fact I am talking about the Impossible but . . .

In France we have this saying : Impossible n'est pas français ( Impossible isn't part of French language ).

 Muhammad Ali said :
“ . . .  Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing . . . ”

So this week, that's what I propose we concentrate on : Nothing is impossible and even if it looks very bad, it IS possible to recover from it. "

 Като първи ден аз реших да заложа на цитати от библиата:
Матей 19:26 Исус ги погледна и каза: "За човеците това е невъзможно, но за Бога всичко е възможно."

Лука 18:27
Исус отговори: "неща, които са невъзможни за хора са възможни за Бога."

 As the first day I decided to bet on quotes from the Bible

Matthew 19:26 Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Luke 18:27 
Jesus replied, "The things that are impossible for people are possible for God."


Нищо не е невъзможно, самата дума казва: "Аз съм възможно"!
Одри Хепбърн

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says
                                                              'I'm possible'!
                                                                                                   Audrey Hepburn

The egg of happiness.
Touch this egg and make a wish.
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/impossible.html#YboAimPySvkd8Z67.99
       Това е може би най-късата улица в София - ул."Малко Търново". Тя е със стъпала - по нея не се движат коли.
        This is probably the shortest street in Sofia - Street "Malko Tarnovo". It has a staircase - there is no moving cars.

 Bulgarian National Bank

 Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria

 The Archaeological Museum
Sofia - Is it Impossible destination for you?     :-)

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  1. Very interesting quotes from the bible Borqna, I didn't know them.
    This egg is very beautiful.It looks like a Giant Faberge egg. Have you touched it yet ?
    Sofia looks so much like Marseille sometimes, this street with the stairs is a very good example. Take care, xxx

    1. Thank you for the comment, Anne.
      Sofia looks like Marseilles - and it is almost as expensive! Joke!
      I touched the egg and make a wish. I always wish the same thing. It refers to someone else - to be healthy.

  2. great photos again thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful photos!! I found the quote from the bible very interesting! I look forward to viewing more pictures from you!! xxxxx

  4. Bless you Borqna for your Biblical quotes, I hang my head in shame not to think about our God first with this challenge. Bless you for bringing them to our attention and sowing seeds xxxx

    Love seeing more photos of your life in Bulgaria. Thank you xx

  5. Love those biblical quotes, they have so much to teach us. Great photos as usual :) xxx

  6. Stunning egg, do you actually live in Sofia? We visited there a couple of years ago when on holiday in Bulgaria. x

    1. Thank you for the comment!
      I live in Sofia. You must come back - now our city is much nicer!

  7. Ladies - thank you so much for your words and interest.
    Our challenge “Lucky Snapping in 2013”
    is the greatest for 2013!

  8. This looks like a fun challenge I wished on the egg and love your guilty pleasures art supplies are my favorite too

  9. I love your quotations and the giant egg in the photo. All your photos are really interesting and special.

  10. Great photos. Wonderful that you took qoutes from the Bible. Those are good to remember.

  11. You have such a beautiful city Borqna. I look forward to your photos.