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сряда, 6 февруари 2013 г.

Day 5 & Lucky Snapping in 2013 Week 6

Photo a day

5. Something you smelled: What’s something you came across today that smelled {or smelt depending on where you live}. Take a photo of it.

 Миризми и ухания.
 Моята поръчка по каталог - два парфюма - за мен и майка ми. В комплект е по-изгодно.
 My order from catalogs - two perfume - for me and my mother.
  - You smell very nice! - she said.
 - Well, next time I will order one for you!

Lucky Snapping in 2013
                          The View Challenge: February
         Училищният двор. От тази седмица учениците са вече следобяд на училище. Снимката е направена след последния учебен час за деня.  По това време вече се стъмва и аз чакам Влади в двора. Това е времето, когато мога да се видя с родителите на неговите съученици и с учители. Едни малки неформални родителски срещи!

        The schoolyard. Starting this week pupils are already in school the afternoon. The photo was taken after the last lesson of the day. By now getting dark. I am waiting for my Vlad. This is the time when I can meet with the parents of his classmates and teachers. Some small informal parent meetings!

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  1. I remember those times, it is hard when they go to higher school and you don't know their friends parents!
    Jen is ill but says she will visit everyone's blog soon! K x

  2. Yes my memories of these days are distant as well, did enjoy them though. x

  3. hi borqna!! i just pop in to see what's you been up to lately.
    you photos are lovely as always. wish you a lovely weekend. hugs from tess.

  4. Love the pictures of the school yard. I really dislike it when it gets dark so early.

  5. Love this view, you do take such interesting photos. I love the feeling of it getting dark early but I am nearly ready for the nights to draw out a bit xxx