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неделя, 17 февруари 2013 г.

Day 17 & Lucky Snapping in 2013 - Week 7 IMPOSSIBLE

Photo a day

17. In your hand: Take a photo of something in your hand.
В твоята ръка
Избрах това, като поздрав за Анне и Денис.
I chose this as a greeting to Anne and Dennis.

Wisdom of the day:
  God created the world,
  everything else 
  is made ​​in China.

Day 17 :  In  my hand
 Lucky Snapping in 2013 - 
Ето моите две страници, отразяващи тази седмица! 
Заглавието, разказът, картичката от Влади, снимки от празничната вечеря за Свети Валентин и Трифон Зарезан.
Here are my two pages reflecting this week!
Title. Story by Deyan Enev. The card from Vlad, photos of festive dinner for Valentine's Day and Triffon Zarezan / February 14 /.

 И стихотворението./ And the poem "With a little prayer".

      Няма невъзможни неща! Днес дори успях да направя няколко снимки на тази катерица -пъргавелка!
      No impossible things! Today I managed to take some photographs of this squirrel - nimble!

 Питате се какво прави ли? - Обикаля по балконите ни!
 Wonder what she does there? -Сhecks our balcony!
   Утре ще видя какво сте писали всички.
   След 30 мин. започва последната серия от филма " Под прикритие".  Приятно гледане!

Tomorrow I will see what you all wrote.
After 30 minutes begin the latest series from the movie "Undercover". The coolest Bulgarian film! Enjoy it!

"In 2011, New Films International bought the rights to broadcast the series in the United States.
Since the beginning of October 2011 BNT sold the rights to distribute the first season of the world film distributor "New Films International", from TV announced that deals to broadcast the series in China, Latin America, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Turkey. 
According to the Actualno.com, U.S. distributor is willing to make "Undercover" in the first 
series in the world."

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  1. well done on capturing the squirrel :) I like the quote for Anne too, lovely pages for your impossible too.

  2. Wisdom of the day:
    God created the world,
    everything else
    is made ​​in China

    I love that quote, Borqna.
    How lovely to see a squirrel outside your window

  3. What a beautiful double page, Borqna. Well done, you will cherish what you did in the years to come. Ha ha, the quote is great !!! xxx

  4. What a great squirrel :)

    Lovely, lovely pages Borqna. xxx

  5. well done on getting such a great photo of the squirrel . lovely page for your book.