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вторник, 26 февруари 2013 г.

Day 26 & Lucky Snapping in 2013 - A Quotation

Photo a day
26. Quiet: Take a photo of quiet. What does it look like to you?Тихо. Тишина
Моето предложение е този аквариум. / My suggestion is this aquarium.
Day 26 : Quiet

Lucky Snapping in 2013 - February Week 4: A Quotation
“ Look closely. The beautiful may be small.” 
Immanuel Kant

Четвъртата седмица на февруари Лин ни предизвиква с цитат /мисъл / на Емануил Кант.
 "Разгледай от близо./ Погледни внимателно/. Красивото може да е малко - то съществува."

      Лин ни предложи и 3 минутен филм за философията на Кант -
Lynne propose three minute film about the philosophy of Kant -
      Днес купувах мартеници. Избирах и гледах внимателно. Каква беше моята изненада, когато попаднах на тази мартеница:
Today I bought Martenitsa. Selecting and watched carefully. What was my surprise when I saw this Martenitsa:
Та това са героите от филма - дяволчето и ангелчето! Заедно. 
So these are the characters from the movie - devil and angel! Together.
No Grey Areas!

8 коментара:

  1. i'm happy to see you again, i've missed your comments on my blog lately. :)
    i'm happy to see that you want to share my blogcandy. :)
    your photos are lovely. wish you a lovely day. hugs, tess.

  2. I agree Karen they are cute. Love your nails Borqua

    1. Thank you very much, dear Michelle, these are not my nails / to my regret! / - of the girl who was selling martenitsas. She refused to be photographed.

  3. I love your photo of quiet. I have been following the news of Bulgaria. I do hope things get sorted for your country.

    1. Viv, Thank you very much for your comments and for your concern for us!
      I do not know what to say. We have 23 years ever so.
      The answer is only one - The fight for power.
      Unfortunately, people were not the deciding factor.
      We managed to keep our head above water thanks to the heritage and of our work.
      I know that the future will be difficult.

  4. I too have seen the news in Bulgaria (((Hugs)))

    I missed your nails! Well done Michelle noticing them!!

    What is Martenisa?
    Thank you for finding something small!! xx

    1. Thank you very much, dear ladys!
      "Whether still will be?" Alla Pugacheva -
      "То Ли Еще Будет"/Алла Пугачева
      /This is a Russian song. Specially selected from me to the events./
      oh oh - as the song goes