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вторник, 16 април 2013 г.

Day 15 & Long live Bulgaria! - KathiJo's Week

Photo a day 
15. Alone: Take a photo of alone. Perhaps it’s how you feel, what you’re doing, or a lone object sitting on it’s own.

Day 15: Alone
Lucky Snapping in 2013
Nostalgia Challenge.. Name that Tune!
"Tell us about the music which features in your memories..those songs which when they come on TV or the radio we are transported back to a time and place in our lives.."       KathiJo

 The song 
" If two people walk a long way to go to ..
if there aren't roads, they will not stop!
They will continue to run and be close to each other.
I cannot
be alone. I don't wanna to be alone ..."

and the film
/A film that is emitted when I was a child, but it was forbidden for children. I only knew the song then./
„Козият рог"  / 1971/ е български игрален филм, смятан от мнозина за едно от върховите постижения на българското кино.
"The Goat Horn" / 1971 / Bulgarian film is considered by many to be one of the highest achievements of Bulgarian cinema.

The View Challenge: April

Подаръците за Нина /  The gifts for Nina


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