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сряда, 10 април 2013 г.

Day 9 & Lucky Snapping in 2013 - The Annes Week

Photo a day

9. Tiny: Look for the small things in life; little ants running across the path, a teeny flower just starting to bloom.малките неща в живота...
Тук се сещам за едно стихотворение -
" ... смешен жест, дума, цвете, извивка на устни.
Ти не знаеш с колко нишки си вързан... "

Е, аз се спирам на цвете - на тези малки цветя в тревата. Прекрасни са - сутрин са окъпани в роса.
I think of a poem - 
 "... Funny gesture, word, flower, curve of my lips.
You don't know with how many fibers tied to me ... "

Well, I choose flowers - these little flowers in the grass. Love them - in the morning they are bathed in dew.

Lucky Snapping in 2013: 

"So here we are in April and I think it's colder than it was in winter . . .After our Laugh week in March, we now go back to something more serious, as our word is

Точка втора - Аз говоря за проблема и за това как се чувствам.
Point two - I'm talking about the problem and how I feel.
     На дневен ред стои един проблем с училището на моя племенник. Аз вярвам, че всичко ще си дойде на мястото.
     In the spotlight is a problem with the school of my nephew. I believe that everything will fall into place. / I wrote to the school principal. /

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