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сряда, 24 април 2013 г.

Days 23-24 & The April Quotation Challenge - Lynne's Week

Photo a day
23. Time: You can show how time passes… the sun rising, a clock, something growing, or another way to represent time. 

Day 23 : Time

24. I saw this person today: Who did you see today? A friend, a loved one, a stranger? Shoot them. Well, don’t shoot them… but take a photo. You know what I mean.

Day 24:  I saw this person "today".
I saw this person today:
 Ваучер за покупки в руски магазин. Хайде на МОРОЖЕНОЕ! BG
Ваучеры на покупки в русский магазин. Приходите на мороженое! RU
Vouchers for purchases in Russian store. Come on MOROZHENOE /Ice crem/ ! 

 Lucky Snapping in 2013
The April Quotation

  “ Make rest and refreshment a necessity, not a luxury.”

"Почивката и ободряването са необходимост, а не лукс." 

     Признавам си, че вчера подходих много буквално към темата на Лин за почивката - легнах си рано! Рано - казвам, не в ранните часове! Необходимо беше -  направо паднах заспала! Дори не се сетих да снимам възглавницата си! 

Сънят е велико нещо!

Днес, с отпочинал мозък, реших да се ободрим с това:

Малко  движение! 

I admit that I yesterday approached very "literal" with the theme of Lynne for holiday -

 I went to bed early! Early - say, not in the early hours of the morning! Necessary was

I fell asleep! I didn't even think to photograph my pillow!
The dream is a great thing!

Today, with relaxed mind, I decided to cheer / refresh/

with this:

Специални благодарности на Уно-дуе-трез - 
за чудесната идея. Посетете този блог!! /
Special thanks to Uno-Douai... -for the great idea. Visit this blog!

8 коментара:

  1. Borqna your sense of humour is great!!! I love it!!!

    I have tried Zumba but for me definitely not relaxation!!

  2. lol I'm with you on that Lynne - more a yoga girl :). Great clip though. x

  3. I tried Zumba, I was awful! But it doesn't matter if you are laughing or at least smiling does it!

    Loved your photos, the girl looks amazing in those colours :) xxx

  4. I don't think I can manage Zumba, but my youngest daughter does it.

  5. I have never tried Zumba, but I join aerobics where I am one of the oldest member and it's great fun and tiring as well. I hope you add the photo of your pillow one day ;-D. Love your photos!