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петък, 12 април 2013 г.

Day 11, The Annes Week & A card

Photo a day

11. Detail: How can you show off the beautiful detail in something. Get in close and show it off, or just shoot something that has lots of detail worth appreciating.

 Облак - като един детайл / част от пейзажа.
A cloud - one detail / part of the landscape.
 Това беше моята първа идея, но после реших това:
That was my first thought, but then I decided / chose /  that:
Day 11 : detail
Teddy Birthday Tea Party 
and the card

 Lucky Snapping in 2013: 

"So here we are in April and I think it's colder than it was in winter . . .After our Laugh week in March, we now go back to something more serious, as our word is

vulnerable "

Точка четвърта  - Разходки! Сутрин ходя 30 мин.пеша! Здрав дух в здраво тяло!
Това е моето време да събера мислите си на едно място.
Point Four - Walking! In the morning I walk 30 minutes walking distance!! Healthy mind in a healthy body! This is my time to collect my thoughts in one place.

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  1. I so agree with you Borqna, healthy body, health mind. Walking is clearing the mind and does really good ! Have a nice week-end ! xx

  2. lovely blue skies with you! Not sure if walking would help me I am def not a walker...more a sitter LOL!!!

  3. Lovely pictures. I wish I could walk more but bad knees prevent too much.

  4. I agree with you about the walk and a healthy mind and body. I don't walk as much as I used to and do miss it.

  5. Lovely card, Totally agree with the healthy body and mind and walking is excellent for both. xx